Alhambra Private Tour

Come and discover every corner of the most famous Islamic citadel in Europe.

The Alhambra

Come and discover every corner of the most famous Islamic citadel in Europe: the Alhambra in Granada, on this leisurely private tour that will make you fall even more in love with this city.

One of the most visited monuments in Spain, and for good reason, the Alhambra continues to stun us with its beauty and monumentality from the 13th century to today.

Many visitors come to this place expecting a palace or a fortress, and are amazed to discover that the Alhambra is, above all else, a city. A city that must be walked leisurely on a private tour where we will discover all its corners.

The Alcazaba was the military area, designed with a defensive function, walled and surrounded by various towers, undoubtedly gives us the best views of the city. We will climb the imposing “Torre de la Vela”, where we can enjoy a 360º view of Granada and its neighborhoods, without losing sight of Sierra Nevada, the highest mountain range in the peninsula and a protagonist in this panoramic view.

At the Generalife, we will walk through one of the most beautiful gardens in Andalusia, among roses, jasmines, magnolias, and even sequoias. We will visit the Generalife Palace, the sultan’s place of recreation, a peaceful haven away from his workplace with simply spectacular views.

A visit to the Alhambra cannot end if it is not at the impressive Nasrid Palaces. Center of power of the Kingdom of Granada. Your official guide will lead you through the halls from where the entire territory was administered, where the sultan received his people or the highest foreign dignitaries in audience. We will tour the Sultan’s private quarters, the iconic Court of the Lions, all while 800 years of history, loaded with symbols and exquisite decoration observe us.

More than three hours full of history, culture, and beauty, on this private tour at your own pace, leisurely, where you will get to know this world heritage gem, the Alhambra in Granada, in depth.

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